bbq black bean bizza!!!! I mean pizza!!!

Picture 015

boy oh boy have I been busy friends! Between working, gyming, and trying to keep the dog from eating the new neighbors’ cats, I have very little energy left for the cookin! BUT since I’m trying to save monies to buy a new face and cooking @ home saves the monies and tastes delishus, I have been perfecting some fast and tasty meals for the weeknights! One of my current favorites is my rip off of CPK’s BBQ chicken pizza. The star being black beans!!!!

Picture 006

Rinse those beautiful brown babies real good!

So you might be thinking EW, BARF! I HATE YOU!!!!! But hold on there tiger, black beans on pizza are delishus!!! Scouts honor!  Plus they are low in fat, high in fiber and protien.  AND don’t worry when they bake they get a nice crispy shell so its not like you are getting a bunch of mush on top of your pizza!

Picture 004

Slice your veggies thin so they cook faster!

Picture 007

I like to use Trader Joe’s pizza dough because its already made and pretty delishus!  Be sure to leave it out for at least 20 minutes so it is all warm and squishy.  The directions say to spread it out on a lightly greased sheet, but I like to use corn meal instead because I like a crispy crust!

Also, since toppings add a lot of moisture I par bake the crust for 6-10 minutes.  It should be firm but not golden yet.  Save that for round 2!

Picture 009



Once your crust is ready, that’s when you get down to business. Spread a layer of your favorite BBQ sauce on the dough then sprinkle as much cheese as your lil heart desires

Picture 011
Add whatever topping you want! I always use black beans and red onions and switch up the rest. This time I threw on some bell pepper and spinach.

Also delishus: cherry tomatoes, green onions, basil, zucchini

Picture 012

Throw your decorated pizza in the oven @ 450 for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese and edges are your favorite shade of brown.

Picture 021

Avoid the horror that is pizza mouth by letting the pizza cool for about 10 minutes before eating.  Then bust out your best monkey plate, pour yourself a glass of wine, and EAT THAT PIZZA!!!

Picture 015

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6 responses to “bbq black bean bizza!!!! I mean pizza!!!

  1. Dom

    That looks delicious! I shall make it! You have Queen Thumb!

  2. K10

    Oh man, this looks reallyreallyreallyreally good. I am going to make this very soon with the frozen pizza dough I made that is currently sitting in the freezer. Apparently I am unlazy enough to make pizza dough, but too lazy to make a pizza out of it at the same time :/

  3. um, wow. you said “rip off cpk” and my 12 year old self snapped her slap bracelet, yelled “cowabunga!” and peed herself a little. i will absolutely be making this in the near future. rock on.

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