The makeup debate!!!

Since moving to Oakland and working from home, my primping days are few and far between.  But just because my wardrobe is comprised exclusively of sweatpants and target uggs, and my hair only gets combed once a week, doesn’t mean I don’t keep up on all the hawt makeup trends!!!

Why just today I was reading about this new blush!!!

I immediately showed Brent this little gem, and his response completely shocked me

“that looks like a vagina”

Well gee wiz, I thought it looked like a butthole!!!

Let’s have a vote then!!!

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One response to “The makeup debate!!!

  1. Hannah

    I appreciate that Brent uses my feminist teachings (nazism) to view nearly all general household items– especially anything concerning flowers– to actually be a symbolic representation of the vagina. Bravo Brent!
    although Xtina, a puckered bunghole isn’t too far off either! I suppose the real test will be when you hit the center with your little finger. Does it pucker more or open up? XD

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